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Deborah Miller. BORN2SHOP owner and blogger.

Deborah Miller


Creator | Shopper | Blogger

A Bit About Me

As a seasoned fashion enthusiast with a passion for designer clothing, I have honed my shopping skills over the years, starting from my teenage years at one of Canada's leading Designer retailers. I firmly believe that "all things eventually go on sale", regardless of their initial price, making it possible for budget-conscious individuals like myself to enjoy designer fashion at an affordable price, and at any age.

Upon moving to the UK 22 years ago, I found myself in the fashion mecca of London, where my love for fashion blossomed even further. Alongside my career as an Artist ( and Senior Art Director/Graphic Designer, I immersed myself in the world of fashion, constantly on the lookout for the best deals and unique pieces to add to my eclectic wardrobe. And while working in fashion retail, selling some of the best high-end designer fashion available: Jean Paul Gaultier, Love Moschino, Armani Collezioni, Jenny Packham, Roland Mouret and Piazza Sempione to name a few, my love for fashion grew . . . and is still growing.

My style predominantly revolves around classic, timeless pieces, with a touch of flair, minimal mod patterns and an edgy, Rock 'n Roll vibe. Mixed with a great collection of blue jeans and vintage single-stitched graphic t-shirts (I'm amassing a collection). Everything I wear has to have a bit of individual character about it, nothing bland or basic. While black remains a favourite colour of mine, I have embraced a more colourful and vibrant palette over the years, appreciating pieces that bring joy and cheerfulness to my attire and mood.


I'm not knocking it, but for me, I prefer to avoid "Fast Fashion" and "High Street" fashion. I find that designer clothes fit better, offer superior quality, and allow me to express my individuality more effectively. I mix and match men's and women's clothing, adding to my own personal style. I find men's clothes are more adventurous and have a lot of character about them, so that fits in perfectly with my creative and artistic personality. I take pleasure in supporting more niche and up-and-coming brands that take artistic risks in their designs, ensuring that I feel great in whatever I'm wearing. Nothing cookie-cutter.

Fashion is not only a means of self-expression, but also a therapeutic escape for me. Whether I am shopping for myself, my family, or friends, I enjoy the process of browsing and trying on clothes, even if I don't always make a purchase. It helps me alleviate stress and focus on the positive aspects of life. It's called "Retail Therapy". I have reinvented myself many times in my life and it always starts with my wardrobe. Fashion has the power to change our mood, our outlook on life, and our persona to our outside world.


To manage my shopping habits responsibly, I set a monthly budget and prioritize investment pieces that will stand the test of time. I don't necessarily buy something every month either, I prefer to wait for what I'm coveting. I believe in curating a carefully organised wardrobe, regularly decluttering, selling or donating items that no longer serve a purpose in my wardrobe or life. Before I sell them or send them to the Charity Shop I always thank my clothes for their service to me . . . a gesture of gratitude for owning them and the pleasure they gave me.

Patience is key when seeking the perfect fashion treasures. I have learned to wait for the right moment, sometimes even years, to find that elusive item that completes my wardrobe vision. This approach has led me to uncover countless retail gold moments, making the wait truly worthwhile. "Designer Clothing Heaven".

In summary, my love for designer clothing and shopping is not only a personal passion, but also a valuable skill I will gladly share with others. Through the years, I have mastered the art of finding unique pieces while staying within my budget and expressing my individuality through fashion. DREAM. SHOP. LIVE & LOVE.



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