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Our Mission

BORN2SHOP will give you tips on what is trending, where to find gorgeous LUXE items from trusted retailers and some of the best deals on designer fashion. Warehouse sales and discount outlets. Our mission is to provide you with the latest trends, styles, new brands to explore, and top fashion news. We believe that designer fashion can be worn by everyone, even if you're on a budget. So for you savvy shoppers, we are committed to helping you find the best deals on the designers and styles you love and cherish.


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BORN2SHOP started as a passionate project by a fashion enthusiast who wants to share her love for designer fashion with other fashion lovers. She believes designer fashion can be worn by everyone, so has created a space where people will know where to find luxury goods from trusted retailers. And when it's on sale, where you can go to grab a great deal for yourself. B2S scours the internet and the streets of London to find the latest fashion trends. For all you savvy shoppers, B2S is committed to helping you find the best deals on the brands and styles you love, so you too can own a GEM.

BORN2SHOP is a dynamic, dedicated fashion blogger, a true fashion enthusiast. B2S has an unshakable passion for the world of fashion and is wholeheartedly committed to offering you top-notch tips and guidance on looking your absolute best, whether you're splurging on the latest styles or hunting for irresistible discounts. Her perspective on fashion is expansive, and distinctive and is unwavering in her mission to bring you a diverse array of content that mirrors the ever-evolving trends and styles of the fashion world. B2S invests her time in staying perpetually vigilant for the most buzzworthy and essential items, along with the finest deals and discounts for the savvy shoppers. Her commitment is to share these treasures with fellow fashion aficionados and bargain hunters like you.




BORN2SHOP has its origins in the genuine passion of a dedicated fashion enthusiast who aspired to create a haven for fellow fashion lovers. Our belief is simple: designer fashion should be enjoyed by everyone. That's why we've meticulously curated a space that guides you to discover the most exquisite and trusted retailers where you can indulge in LUXurious fashion. But our dedication doesn't end there. Be it a fabulous sale or an exclusive outlet, we'll show you where to find those irresistible deals. In our quest to keep you informed, we're always on the lookout, whether it's in the busy streets of London or across the internet, to bring you the very latest in fashion trends. For those discerning shoppers among us, B2S is on a mission to assist you in your pursuit of the best deals on the brands and styles you love. B2S is here to ensure that everyone can cherish their own unique fashion GEM.

Alexa Y. | London

“A Dream Come True."

Recently, one of our followers shared how B2S directed her to an online retailer she didn't know about that carried her sought-after dream handbag. She said the LUX bag she wanted was sold out at the shop and a couple of other retailers.

B2S is happy we were able to make Alexa's fashion dreams come true.

Morgan J. | NYC

"Hit the Sales in Perfect Time."

Morgan J. from New York City, recently shared her experience with us. She said, that before visiting London from NYC our tips helped her to hit the sales in perfect time. She was able to snag the latest trends before they sold out and she’s been very grateful for the help.

B2S is glad Morgan was able to find the fashion pieces she was looking for while on vacation in London.

Lisa D. | Surrey

“Great Outfit for a Job Interview.”

Lisa, who was able to find a great outfit for her job interview. Lisa said, “The advice I found on B2S BIG BLOG CHICSKILL, it's Style Tips was really helpful in finding the right type of outfit for my job interview. I felt confident and comfortable in the outfit I chose, and I ultimately got the job!”

B2S is so proud to hear that our advice helped Lisa find the right outfit.


Designer Fashion. Looking Great. Feeling WOW!

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