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How I GOT STARTED Buying Designer Clothes at a Discount

Updated: May 11

I Started in Canada at a Young Age.

I started shopping designer clothing at the early age of 16, in Canada's Designer Fashion retailer, Holt Renfrew ( Loving clothes is something that runs in my family, we all love shopping and finding great deals even more. My grandmother was a super stylish woman, even into her 70’s. Thank you, Grandma, for instilling your love in fashion to me and the other women in our family.

Designer Sales

Holt Renfrew used to have these sales called “Now or Never” and I would scour through the sale racks, try on many, many items to find that one piece that I felt the best in. I don’t buy anything unless I feel “Zowie” in it. It doesn’t matter how much it cost, it could be the best discount I’ve ever found, if I don’t feel Zowie in it and it doesn’t work with the rest of my wardrobe, it goes back!

First Retail Job

Many years before I moved to the UK when advertising work was hard to find, I had the opportunity to work at Holt Renfrew a high-end designer retail shop. I didn’t have any previous retail experience, I was an Art Director/Graphic Designer most of my working career in Canada. But, because of my love for fashion, my frequent purchases at Holt Renfrew, my association with the staff there and my knowledge of fashion, it landed me the job as the Holt Renfrew Brand Specialist. I worked there for one year and it was fantastic getting the staff discount on top of the Now or Never sale prices too. Retail Heaven!


Working in retail also gave me many skills that are beneficial to being a bargain hunter: Knowing when the sale periods are, retail markdown timelines and percentages, return policies and how to be a good customer getting the sales associates to help you find what you want. It educated me to the process of retail sales and especially designer fashion sales.

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