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Have you been wondered if your wardrobe is striking the right chord with the current trends?


Well, here’s a breakdown of what’s hot and what’s not in designer fashion for this summer season that just might help steer you in the right direction to a wardrobe revamp and to feeling great and looking fine this summer.



1. BOLD COLOURS: Vibrant hues like electric blue, neon green, and fiery red are making a big splash. Designers are embracing bold colours to make a statement.


2. CUT-OUTS: Dresses and tops with strategic cut-outs are all the rage. These designs add a hint of sexiness and modern flair to summer wardrobes.


3. SHEER FABRICS: Lightweight and airy, sheer fabrics are perfect for the summer heat. Look for sheer blouses, skirts, and dresses that offer a playful peek-a-boo effect.


4. STATEMENT SLEEVES: Puffy, oversized, and dramatically shaped sleeves are continuing to dominate the fashion scene. They add a whimsical touch to any outfit.


5. SUSTAINABLE FASHION: Eco-friendly and sustainable fashion is more than just a trend; it’s a movement. Designers are focusing on ethical practices, organic materials, and upcycled fabrics.


6. RETRO PRINTS: Nostalgic prints from the '60s and '70s, including psychedelic patterns and floral motifs, are making a strong comeback.


7. WIDE-LEG TROUSERS: Comfortable yet chic, wide-leg trousers are perfect for a polished summer look. They can be styled up or down easily.


8. BUCKET HATS: This casual, functional accessory is now a high-fashion staple. Designers are offering bucket hats in a variety of materials and prints.


9. MAXI DRESSES: Flowing maxi dresses in bold prints or solid colours are a summer staple, perfect for staying cool while looking stylish.


10. MINIMALIST SANDALS: Sleek, simple sandals with thin straps and minimalist designs are in. Think of them as the modern update to the classic sandal.





1. NEON OVERLOAD: While bold colours are in, the head-to-toe neon look is fading out. Instead, neon accents or single statement pieces are preferred.


2. HEAVY LAYERS: Layering multiple heavy items is not practical or stylish for summer. The trend is towards lighter, breathable layers.


3. OVERLY DISTRESSED DENIM: Extreme distressed and ripped denim is taking a backseat to more refined and polished denim styles.


4. LOGOMANIA: While designer labels will always have a place, the trend of plastering logos everywhere is cooling down. Subtle branding is more in vogue.


5. HIGH-PLATFORM SNEAKERS: The trend of chunky, high-platform sneakers is waning. Sleeker, more streamlined sneakers are gaining popularity.


6. ULTRA-SKINNY JEANS: While skinny jeans aren’t entirely out, the super tight, ultra-skinny fit is being overshadowed by more relaxed and comfortable silhouettes.


7. COLD SHOULDER TOPS: This trend has run its course. Designers are favouring other shoulder-baring styles like off-the-shoulder or asymmetrical cuts.


8. PLASTIC ACCESSORIES: With the focus on sustainability, plastic and PVC accessories are losing favour to more eco-friendly and natural materials.


9. EXTREME ATHLEISURE: The head-to-toe gym look is evolving. Athleisure is still in, but it’s more polished and mixed with traditional fashion elements.


10. TINY SUNGLASSES: The ultra-small sunglasses trend is being replaced by larger, more practical frames that offer better sun protection and a chic look.




By focusing on these trends, you can ensure that your summer wardrobe is both fashionable and on point. I’d suggest starting with a few of them as not to overwhelm yourself, but if you can do more, that's great. Maybe you’ve already added some of these into your current summer wardrobe already, if so, super! Otherwise, if you’re just starting to do a summer wardrobe overhaul, you can start off with your favourite ones from the “WHAT’S HOT” list and stop wearing some from the "WHAT'S NOT" list first!

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