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Unveiling the Mystery Behind Those X-Shaped Threads on Your Trench Coat


Have you ever wondered about those enigmatic X-shaped threads at the bottom of your trench coat or overcoat? You're not alone. In this article, we're going to unravel the mystery behind these seemingly random threads and why they need to be cut off before wearing your coat.


At first glance, these X-shaped threads may appear to be a manufacturing flaw or an oversight in the production process, or even part of the design. However, they actually serve a specific purpose and are intentionally left by manufacturers as part of the finishing process.


The X-shaped threads, often referred to as "tacking stitches," are used to keep the vent or slit at the back of the coat closed during transit and while it's on display in stores. These stitches help maintain the shape of the coat and prevent the vent from opening or becoming misaligned before it's purchased by the customer.


Once you've purchased your trench coat or overcoat and are ready to wear it, it's essential to remove these tacking stitches before putting it on. You can easily identify them by locating the X-shaped pattern of threads near the bottom of the vent or slit at the back of the coat.


To remove the tacking stitches, simply use a pair of sharp scissors to carefully cut each thread. Take care not to cut any other part of the coat or the fabric surrounding the stitches. Once all the threads have been cut, gently pull them out to ensure they're completely removed from the garment.


By removing the tacking stitches, you'll allow the vent or slit to open fully, providing you with optimal mobility and comfort while wearing your coat. It's a small but essential step in preparing your new outerwear for its debut in your wardrobe.


In conclusion, those X-shaped threads at the bottom of your trench coat or overcoat are not a flaw, but rather an integral part of the manufacturing process. By understanding their purpose and knowing when and how to remove them, you'll be able to fully enjoy the style and functionality of your coat. So, the next time you see those X marks, remember to cut them off and get ready to hit the streets in style!


Stay tuned for more fashion tips and insights from our blog. Happy styling!


BORN2SHOP SAYS . . . CUT THEM OFF! Or if I see you walking down the street with the tacking stitches still in place, I just might need to cut them off for you. ; )



The same goes for the closed stitches on your jacket pockets – The stitches used to close pockets on garments are typically referred to as "basting stitches" or "temporary stitches." These stitches are meant to keep the pocket closed during transit and while the garment is on display in stores. Once the garment is purchased, these stitches can be removed to open the pocket.


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